PBR Units. Clearcoat tint thickness

Is there some idea of units associated with certain PBR params like clearcoat TintThickness? eg: does a value of 10 mean 10mm …etc?

Looking at source, the default is 1 & is used

Math.max(0.00001, this.tintThickness));

// other related properties
public isTintEnabled = false;
public tintColor = Color3.White(); // Defines the clear coat tint of the material.
public tintColorAtDistance = 1; // Defines the distance at which the tint color should be found in the clear coat media.

I am guessing that if it is a physical measurement, that it would be whatever your unit of your scene is. I kind of doubt this though. In XR, meters are the standard unit. A one meter thickness does not seem realistic. Think this might be just relative terminology.

Also, I see a This is only use if tint is enabled comment for all the properties

The thing is that the ultimate is what it looks like. Trying different combinations of values for the clear coat tint properties is probably more productive.

the 1 in tintColorAtDistance is relative to the tintThickness basically it is kind of unit free as both relative to each other.

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Hello @Anupam_Das just checking in if your question was answered :smiley:

@carolhmj well hello there again my friend! Indeed sebavan answered it, on a tangental note, fiddling with these parameters are enabling us to get some interesting ‘irridescence’ looking effects , while we wait for official irridescence support.

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This is incoming :wink: Add support for Iridescence in PBR and GLTF by sebavan · Pull Request #12365 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Seb, the fastest cowboy of the 3D world! :cowboy_hat_face:

Just for my own clarification, from the place that triggered it, are all PR’s now going to 5.1?

5.1 has been released, it will probably go in 5.2.

cc @RaananW

omg Amazing work everyone. Can not wait for 5.2, we will be the first to test it that I promice :slight_smile: