Iridescence support

So cool to say we now support iridescence in PBR Material, PBR in NME, gltf loader and serializer :slight_smile:

You can find more in the doc: Mastering PBR Materials | Babylon.js Documentation


Fantastic! :heart_eyes: Already bookmarked and it won’t take long before I will want to make use of it. :smile: Thanks for your work on that.


great work team, we really need this feature for an upcoming project :slight_smile: so the timing was perfect. We appreciate you thank you!

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I am hooking iridescence up in the Blender exporter, and a couple of observations / questions.

First, in the doc linked above (edit: the one to open a new tab), the PG in the body,, is for clear coat not iridescence. The one in the list on the right, should replace it.

I was going to use 3 custom material properties, shown in green

I figure that a non-zero value for intensity, will also turn it on. Same for the thickness’es to be written, but I do not really understand what this in the doc means

By Default, the thickness will be used as a fixed value equal to the maximum thickness.

@RaananW could you check for the doc ? it seems to be the right link in the md, not sure why the wrong one is there ?

About the thickness, it means that without a thickness texture, only the max value is used and considered to be the actual thickness.

With a texture, the value in the g channel (between 0 and 1) is used to compute thickness as an interpolation between min and max thickness.

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This is incredible news!!! I’ll definitely be among the first to implement it in production! Can’t wait for Lumen too when it comes time!

Is there a wrong playground link? Should be this, right - PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial | Babylon.js Playground ( ?

It’s an issue with next that was not yet resolved. I will see what I can do to override this.

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The issue is now resolved (updated dependencies on our doc repo)

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