[Performance] Android MI5 inter-frame time > 1s


Last night, I started to test my game on mobiles. on iOS is works fine, but on Android …

I measured perfomance via chrome devTools + babylon inspector and is it seems crazy!

While devTools says me that CPU and GPU is not bounding, inspector shows me 1 fps and inter-frame 1000ms+

What I should investigate next? I have no idea why inter-frame > 1s.(what it means?)

Babylon 5.47.0
Phone: MI5, Android 8.0.0 MIUI Global 10.2, 3gb ram, cpu 4core max 2.15ghz

I found the issue. I started to dig into requestAnimationFrame and it runs every ~1s… Really strange.

UPD: OK, debugging via USB give a latency, so yeah, after disabling debug mode it shows me 60fps

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