Performance Issue Facing

Hi All, I am facing performance related issue, I checked the fps from chrome dev tools. It shows frames as 10% to 20%. I couldn’t get smooth camera rotation on mouse drag. I think, this is the indication for lower performance. How to increase this frames percentage. What might be the factor for this issue.

Hi jayakannan,

I think it’s going to be impossible to answer this question definitively without seeing the code. :slightly_smiling_face: Your Chrome dev tools should allow you to dive into the call stacks to determine what’s taking so long that it’s causing you to miss frames. One common way to optimize is to find the most surprisingly expensive item in your performance trace, optimize it until it’s no longer surprisingly expensive, then move on to the next most surprising, etc. If you post a link or a Playground exhibiting your problem, we might can help more; is that something you can do?


I 'm Sorry for unable to create the playground on it. Actually, I found the reason for this issue I think. In My Project, I am creating animations when the mesh is loading. And save all those animations in an array object. Then When ever I need to play that animation. I just pick the animation from the array and make it play. I tested this project by removing all animation related script lines, at that time it is working very smoothly. So I need to know, how to handle animations effectively without affecting performance.