Performance issue Universal Camera vs ArcRotateCamera

Hey guys,
I’ve created a scene with a relatively high amount of meshes and the ability to switch between a UniversalCamera and an ArcRotateCamera by the click of a button.
While the scene is running smoothly in the ArcRotateCamera and all the meshes look as intended, performance drops significantly when switching to UniversalCamera and the meshes start clipping through each other.
Is there some sort of setting I’m missing to prevent this behavior?
I already tested with different minZ and maxZ values, unfortunately this didn’t change anything.
EDIT: Apparently didn’t test enough and after adjusting minZ a bit the issue was resolved.

Also I can’t provide a playground link, hope I can get help without.


make sure both camera have the same minZ and maxZ. This is probably where the issue is

Unfortunately this is not the issue, I already checked that. I’ll add that to my original question, my bad!

Nevermind I adjusted the values a bit more, tried different combination, and finally got it to work! Thanks a lot!

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