PhotoDome as reflection on mesh

Hey all,

I’ve got a PhotoDome which is generated with a 360° jpg, and also a PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial, which has the environmentTexture property. But is that actually possible? As for me the reflections just do not work. Is there a way to transform the PhotoDome to a CubeTexture somehow?

I created a very simple playground, where I wanted to add reflections on the sphere, but it just does not apply. However it works fine with HDR and DDS files, where I create the texture with CubeTexture.CreateFromPrefilteredData('path/to/file', scene)

Unfortunately the expectation for the environment texture is to be a cube texture.

So somehow you have to transform your 360 texture into a cube texture

this may be the beginning of a solution: Panorama to Cubemap (

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Awesome. Thanks a lot for the converter, that looks very promising :slight_smile:

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