Physical collision

Consulting a problem, is very physical collision memory, I didn’t use any physics engine field, just for the camera and the grid opens the collision, after loading scenarios, I look at any local FPS is only 20 the following, when my camera to collision and grid, reduced to 8 FPS will direct the following, if I open the collision, the frame rate is no problem, and very smooth, I would like to know what reason is this


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I’m not to sure what you are trying to ask sorry. I take it english is not your primary so we might need to work at this to understand.

can you make a playground to recreate your problem?


I faced the same problem like you : Collision performance on imported dummy model is horrible [Playground link inside]

It’s probably cause the built in collision system tries to calculate collision for every non basic shape thus making performance slow.

Custom shapes should have a hidden cube child for example that will have collisions on that will serve as the hitbox of the mesh fo example that circle like building will have a hidden cube around it.

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What should I do then? I have a large number of model faces. Before the camera arrives at the building, there are too many faces to calculate, so it will get stuck, right

You could add as a child, to every complex mesh you import to your scene, a box that has the same height as your mesh and same width as the parent mesh and then make it invisible while having collisions on and turning the collisions off from the parent mesh.

Probably it can be done with code only(by doing some calculations) or via the editor for each mesh.

This is a way I do it. You can make it as perfect as you want it to be with many small boxes to cover all the edges too.

This is the way street fighter does it to cover a characters arms and all that