Physics constraints collisions not working

Hi, when you drag one of the meshes, they are able to interesect with each other (no collision). Is there a way to have them collide while having the constraint attached?

Thank you

I am using collision: true in 6dof constraint and also tried with PhysicsConstraint.isCollisionsEnabled = true. However, it doesn’t seem to fix this issue

cc @Cedric

Hi @eoin ! Is there something missing on our side for 6dof joint collision?

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Oh, that looks like a bug in our integration; the LINEAR_DISTANCE limit isn’t obeying the “enable collisions” flag. I’ve got a fix and will get it in for the next WASM update. In the meantime, you might work around it by using individual LINEAR_X, LINEAR_Y, and LINEAR_Z limits (though, it’s not exactly the same):


The last WASM update solved the issue, thank you!