Physics engine not picking up collisions?

Hello world. I just started evaluating babylon.js and i got stuck on a problem i can’t seem to solve or understand.

The scene is a simple room with a sphere, controllable with the “W” key. The sphere only seems to collide and bounce off the wall at low speeds.

Minimalistic PG example:

What i tried:

  • settings the physics “steps” to be higher than the fps (did not change the behaviour)
  • swapping CANNON for OIMO (no effect)

I would appreciate any hint or suggestion to try out.

Cheers, Giuseppe

adding @RaananW or @Cedric

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Let me check.


This is a known issue with physics and high velocities: collision detection might be missed.
A bit of explanation here : Cylinder goes through box, using Ammo.js

And your PG with subTimeStep here :

Also, the issue might be fixed by increasing wall thickness.

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Hi Cedric, thank you very much for your explanation!

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