Picking Meshes acting funny on mobile browsers

Hello guys, I am getting a blue flash when trying to select a mesh on the scene. This only happens on mobile screens. And the pick handler never gets called. This setup is difficult to reproduce on the PG but this has been an issue for a while that seems to be intermittent but prevents mesh selection on the scene. any ideas.

Without any kind of visual, PG, or code, it’ll be difficult to figure out what’s going on. Could you tell me a bit more about what you’re doing in the scene when you try to pick? Also, does this on iOS, Android, or both?

I have created a dev link here. On my phone I can select the first product just fine, but then on the consequent selections I start to get the blue flash preventing me from selecting the product. And this has happened on Android, but iPhone users have reported a similar issue as well.

I was able to repro this on an Android device and I believe that the blue flash is actually a text selection thing. It’s possible that you may want to add some code or css to disable that on your canvas object. Check out this page: javascript - How to Disable onclick text highlight in mobile browser (Chrome)? - Stack Overflow for more info and lemme know if that has any effect on the blue highlighting.

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