Pixelart Skybox but CubeTexture is making things fuzzy

I’m trying to make a pixel art style sky using a small texture with CubeTexture. I have a seamless cube with the 6 images for the Cube Texture and it loads well but the texture seems to have the default Bilinear samples “stuck” on.
I’ve tried using updateSamplingMode(Texture.NEAREST_NEAREST); on the cube texture but it doesn’t seem to have any effect no matter what sampling mode is chosen.

Here is the playground with the default skymap with the sampling mode updated with no change. it’s hard to tell with the clouds in the playground but it’s definitely not doing anything for my low-res pixelart.

I suppose I can upsample the texture in another tool using nearest neighbour but there will still be some sampling causing blurring on top of the larger download size

Am I missing something? Is something missing from CubeTexture?

Try doing it after the texture loads. Not sure why its not working prior.

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thank you!

The internal texture must be created for updateSamplingMode to work, else it’s a no-op.

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