Playground Canvas

When using the playground and defining one’s own “createScene” function, how do we know exactly how the default canvas has been configured?

the canvas variable is global and already provided for you. Having said that - why do you need the canvas in your scene? you can always get the canvas using scene.getEngine().getRenderingCanvas() if you want to use it outside of the playground

Because in order to help find the issue(s) going on in this post GUI on Mobile Devices - #4 by Blake, it would seem that you guys would like a “Playground” example (although I can’t really understand why this wouldn’t be an obvious issue without such samples), and in order to properly identify what is going on, it would seem that the canvas itself is possibly involved. E.g., it may have certain styles applied, etc. And in this case just getting a reference to the canvas may not be enough. Agree?

Could also try making a small reproduction of the problem you’re having on something like codepen where you create the canvas yourself or could share a small github repo to show the issue for example. It’s just because there’s more than one possible way to mess up the size/layout that I though a small reproduction would help make it more obvious what the problem is. But like I said maybe someone else with more expertise will know without a reproduction… :slight_smile:

Hey there @Slimfinger just checking in, how are things? Are you still having any issues with this?

I resolved the issue I was having here GUI on Mobile Devices - #7 by Slimfinger.

I didn’t mark a “solution” here because a solution to the question I asked wasn’t given! lol

Don’t know how to mark a thread in this situation.

That’s fair, I’m just going to mark your last post as a solution then :rofl:

Just to be clear for anyone reading this, the “solution” to the other thread was a different problem. I asked this question here while I was trying to solve the other problem.