Playground editor issue on Android

When I try to use the text editor in the playground on my phone (Pixel 4/chrome) it either doesn’t let me type at all, or let’s my type for a while before breaking. When this happens I can see that the editor thinks I’m in a different place than my keyboard does. Typing when it’s in this state does not produce changes on either line though.

In this screenshot you can see that the editor is confused about where I am, with a cursor on both line 70 and 74:

Unfortunately we are not investing too much in that usecase as it is really niche
Furthermore we are leveraging Monaco for the editor so we are only consuming it ;(

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Ah darn, I see they have multiple issues open for this already. :pensive:

Thanks anyways! If I get annoyed enough I’ll see if I can fix it myself.

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That would be lovely ;D