Broken PG Redirect

Many links to old PG domain name does not redirect to current PG.

Example broken link:
Should redirect to:

let me ping @RaananW

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It shouldn’t redirect, and was never redirected, AFAIK. It’s practically the same domain, served from the same location. it’s just a different URL for the same thing.

it gives me white screen

Try opening the URL using incognito/private browsing mode with your browser.

You may need to clear your cache.

opening in incognito works, but Ctrl + Shift + R does not work.
The best practice (and for SEO benefits) would be to 301 redirect.

but we are not redirecting…

We moved to a new CDN so there might have been some propagation issues, or unpurged cache. But it’s a different domain, and technically a different delivery pipeline. internally it is the same, but… it’s not a redirect.