Playground Numbering Starts Anew

When I now create a new playground as usual I get a tag number. If I make a change and save I now get a new tag number rather than an added version number. When producing a sequence of PGs, for the docs, for example, I might keep the PG open and keep doing changes and now get a range of numbers rather than one number plus version number.

This does not happen if I close the playground and re-open it. In this case the version number updated on save.

Perhaps I will just have to get used to it.

Definitely a bug
Pinging @RaananW

Well I cannot repro

Can you tell me exactly how you get this issue (and make sure to run a hard reset with no cache before on the page)?

Ok @RaananW was able to repro…He will fix it asap

Thanks @JohnK

Great. Thank you both.