Playground Window Painting Bug

Yo @Deltakosh … Fo some reason my content does not get paint updates or something.

When i load GLTF content and move on screen… it kind of ghost paints… Like back in the days of Windows.Forms window.Repaint o window.Refresh

Check this effect out when simple moving the car forward on the playground:

If i move the window divider or resize the window… it repaints correctly… (Until i move again)

Test Race Track Playground: Babylon.js Playground

use the WASD or ARROW Keys or Gamepad to drive the car.

The Space Bar and Gamepad X Button is For Handbrake for Skidding/Drifting

The Gamepad Triggers Accelerate and Brake As Well :slight_smile:

Try it out

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Hi @MackeyK24
First of all, If this scene comes from unity, you did an amazing job!

Second, it looks like ‘your apended scene’ doesn’t not clear the buffers before render.
Line 51,52 -
I don’t know more details unfortunately :frowning:

Maybe is a bug, maybe not. Waiting for the ‘official’ answer.

That might be it… I think i have code that says if your using a skybox, dont clear buffer… Let me check that… Good freaking catch @MarianG

Thanks Again @MarianG … I updated the Babylon Scene Manager. Works great again. I can now put Babylon Toolkit prepared content on the Playground :slight_smile:

And Yep… Everything… The optimized scene geometry, components like AudioSource, Rigidbody, Mesh Collider… Etc… Including Babylon Script Components all setup with the Babylon Toolkit (Unity Exporter)

Then simply loaded into the Playground as you see: Babylon.js Playground

Note: This one has NO FOLLOW CAMERA… @Pryme8 was take a shot a t creating a HIGH SPEED FOLLOW CAMERA FOR ME :slight_smile:

FYI… Here is Another Playground Test with the native Babylon Follow Camera… To show what i going for… has Jitter problems and cant have different lagging for the BEHIND position and the LEFT/RIGHT Turn .

But you can take a lap around the track… Should have Audience Audio when racing by the crowds :slight_smile:

Note: Go full screen when driving


Fantastique :slight_smile:
Yeah. I already race for few times, I like it.

The Unity Exporter is just a pure wonder! You are doing a fantastic job @MackeyK24!


I got you on the follow camera now!

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

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