SceneGrinder VTT built with BabylonJS

I’d like to announce SceneGrinder… build with BabylonJS.

SceneGrinder is an immersive 3D Virtual Tabletop (VTT) with unique features, like first person point-of-view and interactive NPC’s that you create.

We’re in “pre-launch” for a Kickstarter coming in June. If you’re interested, please visit to see details and sign up for kickstarter details.

Lastly… THANK YOU to BabylonJS… THANK YOU to the community… THANK YOU to everyone who helped me out or posted questions that I needed answers to. This was a HUGE project and BabylonJS was the largest moving part.

Could not have done it with out you, BJS.


WOW! This is awesome!! What an amazing idea

Any chance of experiencing one of the environments? Anyhow, signed to your newsletter, waiting for the kickstarter :slight_smile:

CC @PirateJC

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Whoa this looks HUGE! Awesome! Signed up as well! Can’t wait to hear more!

and @jholmes, though it sounds like you’ve been around the community for a while, let me officially welcome you to the Babylon family :slight_smile:

Yep… we’re setting up to do some live events soon. Don’t want to make promises or otherwise our marketing person will kill me.

Here’s a YouTube channel though SceneGrinder - YouTube

Please subscribe! It has two videos right now… the sizzler intro and a basic features. We are just getting started and need all the support we can!


Thank you! Yeah… I’ve been haunting these forums and asking questions for a few years now. This project has had a couple false start, then we got a new team and another year later we’re launchable.

I need to directly thank Wingnut, too. I can’t tell you how many of his posts I’ve studied and experimented with. (Not yet sure how to send a direct message on here!)

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And, as far as the videos go, even in the intro/sizzler, we choose to use BabylonJS to make all our demo scenes… right in the app… rather than render our from Blender. Yes, we could have made a more beautiful demo that way, but we wanted to only demo what the app can actually do.

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That’s soooo cool!

What a great idea and what a huge amount of work it must have been. Respect and congrats.
And the design looks quite good too and then also with mobile… amazing, truly amazing work. Can’t wait to try building my own (twisted;) levels…

@jholmes : I first started playing AD&D 40 years ago. Your post got me thinking about the past. I belonged to a group (8 players) that was part of the local university’s AD&D club. During the summer we played at my house. I still have the bag with my dice (bag once had a whisky bottle in it !)

As players, we used to think that the game allowed our imaginations to control the game - no need for boards or displays, just draw a map as was needed.

The other thing that I thought about, was why was it confined to dungeons and dragons? Why, perhaps, not aliens and astronauts, or pirates and ensigns ? There are lots of legends and tales of Davy Jones, the Flannan Lighthouse, Mary Celeste, Hell’s Triangle all with a distinct naval connection and mystery. And magic - a belief in it persisted until the early 1900s - see Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn . It had quite a few well known people as members.

Any, enough of my ramblings - well done with your project, and hope it is successful.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile: