Pointer Event Not Workin In Latest Alpha 25

Hey @Deltakosh … This is now a bug with pointer events. I get no pointer events in Alpha 25 build.

This code would log messages to console in Alpha 24…

   this.scene.onPointerDown = ()=>{
       console.warn("WTF: ON POINTER DOWN");

But i just updated to the latest Alpha 25 and now I DON’T GET ANY pointer events

Something went a little screwy in this last Alpha 25 update

Bringing @PolygonalSun and @RaananW in for a look.

Hey @MackeyK24, when I tried to test that snippet in a PG, I found that the onPointerDown was still working. I did have to remove this from it though (PG: onPointerDown | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)). Would you be able to provide a PG or some more context so I could understand a bit better what’s going on?

Yep playground works… It was my bad… My flag that was checking for asset container in the GLTF loader was removed in Alpha 25… So none of my scripts were running.

Was my bad