Pointer Move Events are not working when AdvancedDynamicTexture Material is attached to Mesh


the Pointer Move Events for Meshes are not working when an Advanced Dynamic Tetxure is assigned to the Mesh. You can look this up in this PG Link by activating/deactivating the advancedDynamicTexture part of the code.


Any ideas how to fix that, or is it a bug? Because ‘enablePointerMoveEvents’ should be related to the mesh only, independent of it’s material, right?

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It actually works :slight_smile:

But the adt is controlling the cursor and as there is no control that is pickable inside the texture it restores the cursor to default :wink:

Check this PG (open the console):

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Thanks for the fast reply.

Okay i see it works. But any idea how to make the cursor change on adt too?


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Thanks very much! :slight_smile: