PointerInput.DeltaHorizontal/DeltaVertical removed (Camera)


This was a good demo to see how first person camera physics can work. Now it does not work, because. PointerInput.DeltaHorizontal/DeltaVertical was removed in new versions of babylon. How do I get the functionality back for this demo?


you would need to listen to the event for this, as getting this value was pretty much broken in previous version due to the lack of proper accumulation.

cc @PolygonalSun who can provide more insights.

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Okay, I fixed it.

This physics was taken as the basis for First-person golden path

I fixed the playground by taking the code from here and here

Thank you for your reply!

Here is the corrected playground

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Just to provide some insight into the removal of DeltaHorizontal/Vertical, because these delta values can update multiple times between each render frame, we need to be able to capture and add all of those values so then when DeltaHortizontal or DeltaVertical are polled for, they are reporting the correct values. Unfortunately, adding this fix would require some complex changes to the input system so we decided to remove it for now. We’re looking into adding this accumulation system but it may be a while before it’s fully implemented.

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Okay thanks, got it! I would like to bring it back in the future.

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