Portfolio website using Iframes+BBjs

I while ago I made a personal website for myself at https://benjylarcher.com/. It’s not the prettiest website in the world and it’s also barely mobile-friendly (I warned you).

I figured I’d share it cause I had fun working with iframes inside BBjs and thought someone could be inspired by the idea. This was inspired by the stuff worked on in this post: Youtube videos on a mesh (port of CSS3DRenderer.js)

Now here is the funny-ish part: I think of myself as more of a backend dude that enjoys front-end (and BBjs) from time to time. Someone looking at the website might get the impression I don’t do backend :sweat_smile: ahahah

I wonder what’s the best approach to show some backend skills using BBjs :thinking:

Anyway, hope you guys like it


Well done @Benjythebee !!!

I think some real time updates for streaming data can show off a lot of skills. Some ideas:

wikipedia edit stream and have some character ring a gong or bell and generate text maybe even speech.

Something basic like position tracking of planes or packages on a map, using babylon as a render layer on mapbox/maplibre or gen ur own map using bjs.

Some aggregation pipeline that would require a little etl could show off those skills, like live election data. similar to above but more data focused

Probably @roland has some good ideas for a scenario using his line geometry


Etc etc etc…


Very nice! One suggestion I have on the interactivity part would have to be a button to “reset” the camera view back to the iframes :smiley:

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