Possible bug in the inspector when materials have no name

Hi, not sure if this is an unknown bug or expected behavior, but it seems like the inspector crashes without a descriptive error and crashes quite severely at that, when even one material has no name.

See this playground for an example: Babylon.js Playground

If you click on the materials tab you will see tons of red error messages in the console and bit by bit the inspector will start to fall apart, seemingly because the standard material has no name.

This one had me stumped for a while, and pretty much only found what was crashing my scene by replacing the es6 babylon example bit by bit until it crashed :cry:

Hi @spookyuser and welcome to the forum.

Actually the issue is not that the material has not been given a name as you can see here https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1YY1TV#1 the inspector can cope with this

What the inspector does not currently cope with is the StandardMaterial being passed an object in the name parameter position. You can probably see why this would be so unexpected as not to be considered in develping the inspector.


Ah that makes sense! Of course.