PostProcess don't work on mobile, and it's strange on desktop

I have a quite nice PCS effect, but I’d like to have to particles that move more “smooth” (ideally them should be something like a smoke).
So, I’ve used lensEffect DOF, to have a little bit blurred render (it’s not what I’d like to achieve, but it’s better than nothing)
(P.S. I have always a lot of problems with DOF, since I never can get the desired result, with any scene, but this is another story)

Since when I apply the DOF everything get darker, no matter if it’s in focus or not (just to add a note, I’ve never been able to have something in focus), the particles that move hare very dark, so I’ve applied an “exposure” post processing effect.

Well, the particles are brighter, but:

  • on desktop the background is totally noised
  • on mobile it seem to do nothing

This is my demo

Adding @julien-moreau for the LensRenderingPipeline as he contributed the dof into it.

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Hi @sebavan !
Unfortunately I haven’t worked on this pipeline, I think you missclicked when tagging :slight_smile:
The one I have worked on is “StandardRenderingPipeline”

Hi @DanieleSuppo just checking in, do you still have an issue? :slightly_smiling_face: