Prevent freeCamera zooming effect on phone

Hey guys,
Am currently working on a VR project, where we use 4 scenes to render elements.
We create the camera only on one scene and use scene.activeCamera = createdCamera to set the attach the camera instance to the other scenes, since we don’t create cameras on them.
Am experiencing some problems with zooming on phone when using freeCamera.

On desktop the entire experience is working fine, the freeCamera works well zooming is not possible, but on phone devices it’s possible to zoom in/out. I will love to stop the zooming on phone devices, moreover I want the experience on phone to be exactly same as on desktop.

I created this playground example to illustrate how we create the scenes and share the camera between them, but unfortunately the rendering on the playground breaks.

When I try out other models listed on documentation that use the freeCamera, the experience on phone is exactly thesame as on desktop.
Please could anymore help with me replicate the freeCamera experience on desktop and mobile?

Taking a look at this Looking at Custom Camera Inputs. One of the more common questions I see… | by Babylon.js | Medium article by @PolygonalSun on medium regarding customizing camera inputs. I think this might be a the way forward.

Indeed customizing the camera input was the solution, I created a brand new camera input for pointer devices(touch screens and mouse) from scratch following the instructions listed on

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