Rotate/Scale issue for characters

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Have 2 characters from Mixamo and CGTrader that I rigged in Blender and want to convert to BJS. Issue is that rotating/scaling them is messing up the textures/materials causing me not to export. (fairywave.fbx, detectivewave.fbx)…what would be the right scale/rotation for them?

Bonus Question: I also downloaded a few scenes as well…do I have to convert those to BJS or keep them as a fbx or obj file?

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From our doc: Loading Any File Type | Babylon.js Documentation (, we currently support .gltf/.glb, .obj and .stl, so you’ll need one of these formats. When importing models into a scene, I like to use the normalizeToUnitCube method on the mesh: Mesh | Babylon.js Documentation (, since it does the work of calculating the mesh size and rescaling so it has a size of 1 on the scene. :slight_smile:


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Are you saying in Blender save the character/model in one of those formats(currently I have .fbx. and .blend files) instead of doing the BJS export conversion (Blender to Babylon.js exporter | Babylon.js Documentation) then edit within scene(rotate, scale, material/texture)?

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There are many possible workflows, some people like to build their entire scenes on modeling tools with all the proper placements then load it as it, but for other cases, it is better to export a model centered at the world origin (like (0,0,0) ) on Blender, load on Babylon, and then apply the proper rotations/translations/scaling on Babylon itself. It all depends on your application.

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Okie doke… gotcha!!!

It seems the way you gave is simpler. Don’t have to make changes, convert and there are still issues when I bring it into BJS.

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Yes it was thank ya very much :heart:

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