Problem with AR on specific devices


I have a problem with AR. I checked AR on few devices and the problem is strange.
For example on samsung S9 and A40 everything works fine, but for example on samsung A53 i got zero errors but i have only black screen and nothing more.

Thanks in advice for help.

I don’t have the device to test with, but I find it weird that it let’s you start the session if it isn’t supported. What AR session are you trying on your device?

I’m trying to use immersive-ar

await scene.createDefaultXRExperienceAsync({
      uiOptions: {
        sessionMode: "immersive-ar",
        onError: (error) => {
      optionalFeatures: true,

anyone else experiences this behavior? I have one device that can’t display AR content, but it doesn’t even let me in. I find it odd that the device lets you enter the xr session but doesn’t render a thing.
Hard for me to debug this as well, especially if there is no console output. Would you be able to check if the scene renders? something simple, like logging on each XR frame?

I’m not tried alredy logging each frame but i try to check if that device support XR and i got informations from navigator.xr.isSessionSupported that this device support XR and i assume this is why i didn’t get any information. I will try log each frame and check this out.

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