Blank screen after entering into VR mode

Hi guys

I have come a cross a strange issue while accessing webxr demos. I am using my Samsung galaxy mobile to view those examples. What’s happening is I am getting a dark blue blank screen after pressing the VR button. The example scene was appearing for half a second and then everything goes blank like I said above. See the images attached

Can anyone please explain this behavior and possible resolution to it?

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Hmm, the same thing happens for me, on a Samsung Galaxy S7, on that demo.
Have you tried connecting a dev tools remote session and see if there are any messages in the console?

Glad I am not alone in this. No, I didn’t use the dev tools yet. Let me give that a try and hopefully we get some idea on it

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue :cry:. I wonder if this thread is relevant to your issue?
WebXR No Longer Working in Preview - Bugs - Babylon.js (

If you switch to an older version of BABYLONJS in playground it will work. Just the latest seems to have issues.

Thanks a lot. It’s working with the older version :pray:

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You should follow the progress on this thread : WebXR No Longer Working in Preview - #9 by sebavan A regression has been introduced recently and I am trying to find it but unfortunately our VR experts are off until Tuesday.

Ok So nightly is deploying with the fix as we speak and should hit the server in 30 minutes top

@sebavan I just tested the PG referred to in this thread on a mobile device and latest preview version 5.0.0-alpha.30 is not working. Was this the version including your fix? Version 4.2 works.

Everything is working back for me on this playground:

Be sure to force refreshing the cache the deploy has just finished 10 min ago.

Right you are. Clearing the cache did the trick. Thanks.

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