Problem with Babylon on different computer

Hello Babylon community,

I have wierd problem, if I tried the same repository on different computer, babylon.js works normally (I’am using babylon.js inside Angular).

But on my second computer return this:

If i try with npm i babylonjs, return this:


This probem was starting when I updated my Windows(10.0.19042 Build 19042). Could be this cause of the problem?

Do you have any ideas.

Thank you!

Looks like you are hitting Chrome 97.0.4692.71: error with .receiveShadows = true; - #2 by jeremy-coleman

You need to upgrade to 4.2.1

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Thank you, if i update to 4.2.1 i get second error (upper image)

nothing else but the shaders should have changed so it is pretty strange :frowning: we d need a repro on this one

I think this is related to the new Chrome update. All samplers need to have a defined precision now I believe.

This reminds me of an old v2 typescript bug.

try adding “export = 0;” to the very top of your entry file .

like this:
.BotFramework-Emulator/index.tsx at v3 · microsoft/BotFramework-Emulator · GitHub

Yes, upgrade to 4.2.1 was solution, thank you!

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