Shadow Generator Issue (just appeared recently)


I have been using shadow generators for a project and they were working fine for more than 2 months, but all of a sudden it stopped working a few days ago and the console is generating an error I never encountred before when using shadows. I wonder whether Babylonjs is encountering some sort of bug or issue related to shadows that is generating this error for now. The error never showed up for almost 2 months and I will attach it here.

Anyone has an idea why is this happening, and if it is probably from my end or from Babylon’s end. Any help is appreciated.


This is only a fraction of the error, as if Babylon is spitting out it’s source code in the other ones which make me think the problem is not from my end.

Thank you

@YouJ - if that only shows up on recent chrome and you are on 4.2 - did you try 4.2.1?

Simple yet effective solution :smile: Thanks it worked.