[Babylon.JS 4.0.3] Error: ERROR: 0:616: 'sampler2DShadow' : No precision specified

[Babylon.JS 4.0.3] on Chrome Desktop Version 102.0.5005.63 (Official Build) (64-bit)

On a site that worked before. Is there a workaround without upgrading Babylon.JS?

Uncaught Error: ERROR: 0:616: ‘sampler2DShadow’ : No precision specified

ERROR: 0:630: ‘sampler2DShadow’ : No precision specified
ERROR: 0:662: ‘sampler2DShadow’ : No precision specified
ERROR: 0:832: ‘sampler2DShadow’ : No precision specified
ERROR: 0:877: ‘sampler2DShadow’ : No precision specified
ERROR: 0:881: ‘sampler2DShadow’ : No precision specified
ERROR: 0:885: ‘sampler2DShadow’ : No precision specified

Thanks in advance

It’s a breaking change from Chrome (around v96/97) and unfortunately you will have to upgrade your Babylon package.

It was first corrected in 4.2.1.


@Evgeni_Popov Thank you very much for response.

Is 4.2.1 enough to overcome it, or is it safe to go beyound that? I would like to avoid 5.0 since I’m afraid that may mean serious effort.


Yes, this problem is fixed in 4.2.1 so you can stick to it. I would not recommend 5.0 for you as there are more breaking changes in this version than usually, notably because of the WebGPU support.

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@Evgeni_Popov thank you very much.

@Evgeni_Popov I forgot to mention the app was built with Unity Exporter (Babylon 4.0.0, Unity 2019.2.3f1). Which version most closely matches 4.2.1 (have trouble figuring it out from the github repo of the exporter).
Thanks in advance

Pinging @MackeyK24 as he is the creator of the Unity Exporter.

@MackeyK24 can you help out with finding Unity Exporter matching Babylon 4.2.1, preferrably for U 2019.2.3f1

Thank you @Evgeni_Popov

That really long ago… i try to support the current codebase… That is Version 5 using GLTF as the file format…

I dont know how far back my legacy versions go… but you try this folder and see if one of these helps… but i cant say for sure if version BabylonJS version 4 is with .babylon file type support is in there… But that is all you got to try from

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@MackeyK24 thank you very much!