Problem with exporter logfile where is it located

hi i made an arm in blender and rigged it and uploaded it but like in this
PG it never loads.
and when i export it to babylon there is 2 warnings and it tells me to check the log file
for the babylon blender exporter,. i searched online 2 days for it but i cant find it
but i need know if it says why mesh isnt loaded

Hi droggam :slight_smile: The log file should be in the same directory as your initial .babylon export from Blender.

As for the two warnings - often see those if there is no light or camera in the exported file. Looking at your playground, I see this line :

BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(… )

You say that you created an arm and rigged it. Not sure how rigged meshes will work with that. Try this instead:

BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append(… )

Hope that helps

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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this is the second warning
Maximum # of influencers exceeded for 4 vertices, extras ignored…
under skeleton stats ironically.
i have no clue if this causes the mesh to not load i tried append() as well
no luck…
the first warning was no camera is this maybe the issue?
i tried add camera no change but i get error in console
scene has been disposed…

They are several ways to fix that:
1.) Check the weight painting of your mesh(es)/bone(s) in Blender - can be tedious.
2.) In Blender, select mesh(es) and in the Properties Panel and select the triangle icon. Scroll down to Babylon.Js ver xxxx and look for “Max Number of Bone Influencers” set that to 8. Uncheck the “ignore” box first.

No need to add a camera as you have one in the playground. That message is just to remind you the file has no camera.- that is why it is a warning.

Now I checked the link(url) to that file by CTRL + left click on it in the playground - and I get this:

400: Invalid request

It seems it is not finding the file for some reason.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

thanks gryff i made it working…i can be such a noob
the fix was to set isVisible to true of some reason it must been on false in blender or something.
Regarding the bones i followed instructions. but i have more than 8 bones so i guess its better to ignore
thanks for all help.