Problem with soft shadows

is any way to tone shadows on object itself without using hemisphere light?
i mean, in this character we had hard shadows like here: Babylon.js Playground
i want to my shadows were more soft, but only on object itself (if i try to edit setDarkness etc, then my shadows on scene will be soften too - i dont want that).

the goal is that shadow on character was smooth

One solution is to have a dedicated light for your mesh. You can specify it with: Introduction To Lights | Babylon.js Documentation (

i know, i tried use different light source - effect was same. :frowning:

Hello just checking in if you need any more help with this @Trusiak

Could you apply a PG about your question?
I always use shadow filter to make a soft shadow.Like the demo you link,it use Blur ESM.If you want a smoother shadow,you can try the PCF or PCSS.
In addition,Your scene appears to have no ambient lighting.Or you want to set a environment texture to provide some ambient lighting?