Problem with Sprite


I’m facing some weird problem when I try to include a sprite in my scene.

The sprite is showing some lines on right and down (the one marked with orange box). This is how I include the sprites in my scene.

spriteManager_test = new BABYLON.SpriteManager("TestManager", 
               "./textures/icon.png", 2000, {width: 512, height: 1024});
spriteManager_test.isPickable = true;.
 testsprite = new BABYLON.Sprite("See 3D Model", spriteManager_test);
 testsprite.width = 250;
 testsprite.height = 500;
 testsprite.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(100, -300, 750);
 testsprite.isPickable = true;
 testsprite.useAlphaForPicking = true;

Not sure of the reason why the sprite shows some lines on right and down. Any help is appreciated.

Maybe you have to put a border of transparent pixels around your sprite: it seems those are border pixels that are repeated by the “clamp” address mode.

A repro in the Playground would definitely help here.


Thanks for the reply, sharing the PG -

Hi, found the solution but I’m not sure if this is the correct one, Changing width and height in SpriteManager and sprite seems to work.

You should try to add a border of transparent pixels all around the picture: that should make it work.

Yes, if you use the exact same size than the picture (108x106) it will work.

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