Problem with transparent Materials and SSAO (version 4.2.0)

Another SSAO bug related to the prepass renderer.
There is something wrong with transparent materials: Babylon.js Playground
The old SSAO version (forceGeometryBuffer = true) doesn’t have this problem.

@CraigFeldspar roxxxxxx and is already on it !!!

@CraigFeldspar Looking at your latest changes, it seems that you disabled the prepass renderer now by default. Not using the prepass renderer would solve the bugs i have with SSAO. So far so good … but then i’m back to this bug: SSAO bug with mirrored objects
And that means SSAO is still unusable for us :cry:
Would it be possible to solve the problem with mirrored objects for 4.2.0 ?

It was a nasty bug that gave me kind of a headache, but here you go : fixing geometrybuffer renderer sideorientation by CraigFeldspar · Pull Request #9388 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

enjoy :slight_smile:


Awsome thank you, i will test it :smiley: