Problem with PrePassRenderer and Default Rendering Pipeline

Hey all!

I have encountered a bug while mixing SSAO2 & Default rendering pipelines. In fact, I’m not forcing SSAO2 to use the legacy geometry buffer renderer and it works pretty well but once I enable the default rendering pipeline I can see that the effect is just showing the SSAO result with some kind of image processing applied on it.

You can repro the bug easily here:
If you force the usage of legacy geometry buffer renderer for SSAO2 it works well: (this is the expected result even using the prepass renderer).

I think @CraigFeldspar will be the master to call to the rescue :slight_smile: (or @Deltakosh for the pipeline’s support?)

Thanks a lot for you help!

@CraigFeldspar is looking into it, should have some news soon :slight_smile:

You really rox!!

PR is up and should be in soon fixing double Image processing post process conflict with PrePass by CraigFeldspar · Pull Request #9338 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Thanks to @CraigFeldspar

Awesome ! Testing ASAP!! =D

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