Problem with prepass renderer and overlay+bounding boxes

Hey gods! (@CraigFeldspar and @sebavan)

I have found another problem using prepass renderer (or at least using prepass renderer in SSAO2): the overlays and bouding boxes are not rendered anymore once the SSAO2 post-process is created (using the prepass renderer). I’m checking if layer effects (glow layer etc.) are not affected, will let you know :slight_smile:

You can repro here:
Which works pretty well using legacy buffer renderer:

Thanks again for your help!

Edit1: the playground is still using rc.1 but I have tested locally with rc.3 and I still have the problem
Edit2: if the object with overlay has its material flagged “disable depth write = true” then it works well

@CraigFeldspar roxxxxxx and is already on it !!!

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Thanks @CraigFeldspar !!!