Problem with videoTexture in imported model from Blender

Well, I have this problem with both videoTexture and shaderMaterial.

I’ve imported a scene, and when I applied the videoTexture, it plays, but all the surface is a single color (which changes). My best guess is that it just takes one pixel and paints all the surface with it.

shaderMaterial doesn’t compile.

When I create a surface inside babylon, I have no problems.

As an extra note, I’m working with Babylon.js Editor 3.2.0

Thanks in advance

Pinging @julien-moreau

Did you make sure to have UV values on your mesh? (texture coordinates)

Yes, sorry… I guess I was just tired, and stuck for an hour with this, I didn’t make the UV mapping.

I was writing my question, I clicked send and I was like… wait a moment…

I’ll check later what is the shader problem about.