Probleme with VR on Safari (on mobile not on computer)

Hi, I had found a problem with VR on Edge/Safari last week, but after fixed it, I have found a problem on mobile with safari. We see the “glasses” of VR mode, but when I am in, he doesn’t moove. Like Chrome on computer you know. We see the VR but it doesn’t move.

Quick question (especially since i don’t really know the answer) - does safari on iOS support WebVR? according to Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc , it doesn’t, but I am not sure what the fallback state is ATM

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I don’t really know, You may be right I hope not :smiley:
In this website, firefox mobile doesn’t support VR but it does ^^ I have tried

And don’t forget:

Recently apple made a change in Safari to disable orientation sensor by default but doesn’t prompt the user to let them know.

See Use the WebVR experience helper - Babylon.js Documentation in the “Detect if fallback orientation camera is supported” section

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