VR CardBoad issue ios 13

Hi, sorry im asking a lot of questions lately :sweat_smile: .

We have a project in VR in which we load diffrent 360 images and move the camera form one image to the next one.
It seems to work on any device, but now we run into an issue with Ios 13.

The problem is, when we open VR the first time everything seems fine, but when we leave Vr and reenter than we are stucked in VR View and cant get out.
Only thing that worked was to reload the page, but we get the same VR issue every time we enter the second time.

would love if someone could help me

Do you have any issue in the console? SOmething that you can see when debugging from a mac?

pinging @RaananW

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Hi thanks for the replay, on Mac we didnt had any issues, also on any other pc or Mobile Devices and until iso 12 there also where no problems.
Tomorrow im going to do some tests with an ios 13 device and debugg it with a mac.
Im developing on windows and dont always have the devices, thanks a lot havent thought about debugging on Mac :smiley:

After testing i reply if it worked or not
Thanks a lot

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Hi, i tried to debug on a Mac device, but i had no luck.
I tested different babylonjs VR examples from the playground and it seems that non is running correctly on ios 13.
It seems th Gui is overlapping, so that you can see the VR button in VR mode, also the deviceorienation changes randomly.

had any one successfully run babylonjs VR on Ios 13 ?

I actually ran quite a few scenes on IOS. Not 13, but still iOS (10 and 11).

iOS does not support webVR, so it requires the device orientation camera. It also always had a problem with the fullscreen API, I am not quite sure what the current state is.

Can you try explaining what you mean with random changes in the device orientation? Is the scene constantly changing with no reason? or does it reflect incorrectly changes that you are actually making?
Oh, and can you try device-orientation camera alone, without the webvr experience helper? Would be great if you shared your code so i can see what you are actually doing.

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Hi RaananW,

we are working with the device orientated camera and webVR seems to run on Ios.
The only thing is that you have to enable, is the device -movement and -orientation in the safari settings.

The big issue in ios 13 seems to be that this option is gone so you have to access it per script.

It seems the Problem to only appear when i press the VR Helper Button on an ios 13 device, which starts the VR session.
The Camera changes 2 times from horizontal orientation to vertical orientation, and than its stucked
The VR and exit button are shown while still in Vr mode
but doesnt do anything.

It could be that we had a small miss type in our code but we are not sure.
I would love to share the code but i dont own it, im writing it for work :disappointed:

Apple is making it harder and harder to script for them :sweat_smile:

Hi, sorry we made a stupid mistake, while enabling the Ios13 devicemotion and deviceorientation, we wanted to enable both and got the names mixed up :weary:

thanks a lot for helping me and sorry for counsuming your time :blush:

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lol! Well at least it works