Procedural Tree and Forest Generator

Hello Everyone

I am pretty new here but been using BabylonJS for about 18 months now. Killer library BTW.

Is a project I ended up creating while working on another project.

You can save without any signup or localStorage. It just creates a unique hash. You can also download your forest as .obj with .mtl or .babylon

Would love feedback and would love to know what device you are using.


Seems promising but I can’t see any tree, maybe because of this error that shows up in the console while browsing the page:



Odd, but I am assuming you are on PC then? I get no error when running on Chrome or FF on Mac.

This is exactly the kind of input I was looking for :slight_smile:

Is that the full error?

Yes it’s the full error.

I’m indeed on Windows. The error is with Chrome, it does work correctly in Firefox.

Nicely done!

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Thank You and Thanks for verifying this error is Chrome bug. I have submitted to Chrome team.



Works for me on Chrome / Ubuntu.
Chrome Version 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)

When I import the OBJ into Blender I get only the leaves, no trunks.
Blender 2.81 (sub 16)

Beautiful scene in the render window. Nicely done.

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Thanks Doug_Murphy

I will look into this issue when I have a chance.