Project Snowball - Winter is coming (NEW update v. #BJS v5.6)

Press and HOLD!

Thank you for this nice input,
I have a number of answers and then others, I don’t have :wink:
The camera (#3) is targeting the lake, switching cameras simply switches target (moutain, lake, chalet) and then I believe the one you are taking about is the mountain (vs default). They are the same right now. In truth, camera’s have not yet been worked (same as many other parts). They have only minimal limits and behavior. I guess I will get back on it one of these days.
Now, zoom sensitivity (or mousewheel sensitivity) is actually very much depending on your OS mouse settings. I quickly tried to cope with it using (again;) a simple and basic solution to provide a wide range in ‘sensitivity’. Again, not the best (but we only have the time and skills we have, don’t we?:wink:
And then, there is the text and overall user experience. The loading sequence and initializing is not done. The text content is ‘dirty’ and not revised (thanks for input on that). I hope I will be able (have the time) to make an update soon. I shall let yours know,
Well thanks again for all your encouraging comments and have an awesome WE.

Luv it. Where do you find the time to do (or even just feature) all that? Do you ever take a rest or are you a bot?:wink:

No, I didn’t it. But I at least customized’em all and basically all the textures are also my work.
I admit I have been re-using some 3d models for trees based on an old project when building a customer environment and a serious game for dealers’ formation. These models in C4D are from (for ‘Tanne’, ‘Eiche’ and ‘Ahorn’) but it looks like this person decided to choose another commercial activity.
These are all models from 2012/13 or something, but they were free of rights (even for commercial use) and - let’s face it - still better than some of the late models you can find today (for a fair price). So, I twisted them a little and recycled them;) The rest is mostly mine (not that I’m very proud of it). Again, this is a side project and was not the purpose.
Have a great day,

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Thanks for this ‘high level’ yet appropriate ‘design thinking’ rules of thumb.
You eluded my question. Are you a bot (or a shared profile)?:wink:

Sure will do. I accept Bots as now part of the team.
Have a good bot’s life,

New Year is here ! :fireworks:
Let me wish all the BJS community a very happy and healthy year 2021.
Not sure how many fireworks we will get this year, so I quickly made some just for you in my event special. It’s over here:

And here a couple of screenshots:

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This is so pretty !!! GG !!! Happy new year !!!

Thank you. Not as pretty as I wanted. I lost a lot of time struggling with my insufficient knowledge of code (for really stupid things, I’d rather not tell :zipper_mouth_face:). I will do better next year. There would be so much to do to create awesome effects, I was just short of time and started too late. Anyways, 2020 is kinda transition year in many aspects. Let’s just hope 2021 will make the start for a new Internet and digital relation.
Happy new year to you to. Stay safe and stay digital.

This looks just beautiful. I was wondering if possible in BJS (to get this quality result). I’m a huge fan of MS work on FS. The terrain and textures are just incredible. At a much lower scale, I’m still wondering how far we could push this…
And then for the rendering pipeline and effect, well… i haven’t work this part yet in my project. It is next on the list together with optimization and final packaging/portage. And just before VR and MX. 2021 project. And I was also not trying to achieve a realistic design on this project, the baseline design of ’semi-realistic’ will remain (in this project).
Thanks for feeding my creativity and for the invaluable support you bring to the entire BJS community and wish you a happy 2021.
See ya,

Klar, als Schweizer verstehe ich auch Schwäbisch);
Diese Video ist mega.

Vielen Dank.

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First, Happy && Healthy 2021 to Everyone,
I hope you all had a festive Season’s break. …I did, thanks for asking;)

I haven’t forgotten about the project objective and the showcased scene/scenario: My ‘small world in a small world’ :wink:
Currently working on #rendering pipelines and #post processing.

Yours can expect an update over the WE. Don’t expect too much though: It will remain soft effects only for just this scene. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of post-processing effects and rendering techniques as I feel these are too often used to simply add a level of ‘flower essence’ to what was and remains, originally, ‘a piece of shit’. So for me and for this scene, it will be soft effects only.

In fine, you will be able to set (a fixed and soft level of) DOF, MSAA (also sampled and fixed at 4) and use FSAO (soft effect) only, to be set from the graphic options, shortly to be added to the 2D GUI Settings panel. All of these will also remain off by default.
On the opening/closing of the ‘Settings’ or ‘MX/3D GUI information’ panels, you will see a combination of post-processing, rendering pipeline (default and lens) and (3) advanced texture image layers for the ‘frosty frame’, kick in simultaneously as the camera freezes to focus on the panel. I didn’t want to go any further for this scene, however I did explore (a little) the possibilities. My conclusion: It is here, it is simple, it works… My advise: Use it with care, measure and purpose.

Here are 2 SS (textures/frost effect is wip, please don’t judge just now), but the base and logic is here so I can say the update to come is not far from now:)

See Ya soon,

Dears and @PirateJC ,
Forgot to mention that I just made the update of the official/community showcased version.


Version R.12292020, has been tested stable over the past 10 days and includes:

  • New forced async loading of the AmmoJS plugin (due to recent changes to the plugin). On a side note: It seems that this has an impact on the loading time of the scene, although I haven’t check the numbers. Side note 2: I can see the ‘old version’ of handling the plugin (with ‘auto-async’) is somehow back in place for cdn… for how long,… another topic.

  • The flag has received a small design update with 2 ropes and hooks. The flag physics have also been changed to have it behave a bit nicer and not so much depending on FPS (still not realistic in terms of ‘pure physics’, again this is not the goal for this scene).

  • The snowball snow effect, that can be triggered with the [S] keybinding (or by pushing the 3D gui button on the side of snowball base) is not anymore related to the [W] Weather conditions snow effects. You can now trigger the outside snow or snowball snow effect independently.

  • A second particle effect for the snow ball snow effect has been added. It reproduce a ‘circling effect’ of the snow in the sphere (again, not realistic, for design only).

  • A clear skies night theme [7] has been added to the Time of Day options.

I haven’t forgotten about the other comments (and then feel free to make new ones). The next update will also receive some text and small fixes, just before moving to the phase of #optimization

Have a great day,

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Hey @mawa,

Is this a new url, or just an update of the existing one? Do we need to update it on the community page?

Hi Richard,
I haven’t forgotten about your comments. (may be you did?:wink:
I will shortly put my hands on this ‘dirty’, ‘boring’ and ‘tedious’ part that is called optimization.
May be you’d like to rephrase your question. Since the answers I could bring are mostly the ones you can find in any tutorial (and then, a tutorial by experts… I won’t get anything close to this anytime… I’d rather leave it to… well, the experts;)
But I have my rules of thumb, of an adventurer in the digital. I perfectly know that a piece of shit code, even minified, will always remain a minified piece of shit code. Same goes with textures, models, shaders and in fact, everything. And it’s always the addition of it that leads to a disaster (same as in a plane crash).
So may be your question was more like: ‘Did I notice any obvious part in BJS that had an (important enough to notice) impact on performance?’ And the answer would be: Yes, I did.
But then again, nothing revolutionary here. Nothing different from physics, maths or gravity. Nothing different from the other frameworks/methods. Obviously, physics still has a huge impact on performance. Obviously, plugins are still the low-end of an architecture. Obviously, it is always best to have multiple smaller ‘groups’ under control and measure than just one ‘group’ or instance spreading large (speaking of particles, ie).
Also, I believe optimization starts by analyzing your work and next, work on your weaknesses.
In this scene, I perfectly know what has the most impact on performance. I don’t even need an analysis or performance chart for this. I have spent 10 months mostly pilling-up instructions and creating ‘base’ textures. So my work with optimization shall start by removing the 50% of unnecessary code and reorganize my phrasing when speaking with the digital. Do the same for my textures and… the models are pretty clean… thanks God;) With just that and before minifying, compressing, or applying any sort of ‘magic’ I don’t know about (like the magical button Optimization, that says ‘Please optimize my entire scene to the outmost perfection despite of the fact that I provided shit input without caring about the result’… well, I still haven’t found this function… even in BJS;)
I’ll let you know about the outcome and if I hit anything in particular…
Have a great day,

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This is the same URL. It will stay there for a while and yours shall be informed if I change it.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about optimization with me. I am only dabbling with 3D right now, but will be interested to see how your scene develops and what sort of performance you can achieve for it.

I expect a 50% gain in overall performance (loading and FPS)… since I know I did at least 50% of ‘shit work’. For a start. Only then will I see to the options available (and there are some pretty interesting ones to investigate or even adopt straight ahead - like the texture compression format or the merging of textures)… We’ll see and as I said, I’ll let you know.

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50% would be huge. Hope you get it :slightly_smiling_face: Using a texture atlas with basis compressed textures is something I have been looking at as well.

Ah well, good luck and will catch up with you later

I really pushed it to the very limits (also because it’s a personal project). I would never have allowed any of my team members (and then myself) to go this far in a commercial project (understand the limits of a total absence of structure and optimization). This is why I’m almost certain to get this 50% (in this scene). But this is just a small scene and 1 man (side) project. From what I can see with BJS and Native, the part of optimization will certainly be considered by ‘the experts’. I’m quite confident for this part.

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