Project Snowball - Winter is coming (NEW update v. #BJS v5.6)

Frost frame effect and pp are now coming along nicely (thanks to the obscure in terms of performance hit ’ registerBeforeRender’ function that handles this transition/animation). I didn’t notice a heavy hit in performance when the effect kicks in or out. Still working the final version but the strongest ‘frost frame’ effect will likely look something like this screenshot. The effect animation is of about 2 to 3 seconds (and overall timed in relation with the other animations).


Happy Winter (or Summer;) Everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post on the upcoming #post process update for my small world in a small world.

For the long story: I have been both struggling and learning a lot going through this (prior to last) step of building this demo and my apprenticeship of the BJS Framework. Adding post process with the handling of multicam, a 2D and a 3D GUI in my scene helped me a lot understanding about scene building with BJS. :thinking: That’s the positive point. It also delayed my upcoming update about 2 weeks. That’s the less positive point :unamused:

But I can say, finally, it’s here (or will be in a few hours).
Basically added a free camera with initial position on the chalet terrasse.
Added graphic settings with MSAA, SSAO and a choice from the theme FX to set from the lensEffect and the default rendering pipelines.

Here a couple of screenshots and the original link of the demo will now soon be updated to version 0.8.3.x…

Have an awesome day, :snowflake:

Edit: Version is now released. Enjoy and please report bugs:


Reporting March 10 Incident: My BJS demo server has gone down in flames overnight. :fire: :fire: :fire:
The demo link is currently unavailable as I have been informed this morning that the data center building hosting this server had a fire incident (so called) overnight. In fact, the building and servers have been burned to a crisp. If not, water and smoke surely did finish the job.

The demo is down at this time, DNS for this server/hosting cannot be accessed at this time. I will give at least a 48h for my buddy long-time provider OVH (fr) to recover (I’m with you Guys after this disaster). If not possible to fix and recover with OVH before the WE, I shall inform yours and send a new link for my BJS demos.
I’d like to apologize here for this disturbance/incident and I will let you know as soon as the demo will be available again.

Well, maybe it is a sign that it is time to start something new? :slight_smile:

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Yes you are right. I’m changing host (waited for over a week but nothing happened). Exit the old VPS and I will take new hosting in Switzerland (just concluding right now, should be online before the WE).
The thing is I already started something new. In fact, was about to release an early version when the server got barbecued;) Here a couple of screenshots. It will be a 3D Commerce demo (for manufacturers or hero section product). The development version demo also features my very own version of a product description and customer relation;) Enjoy and I sure hope it will be online soon for yours to experience…

Note: Local version screenshots with WebGL1. WebGL2 looks much better/realistic.

Let’s not be too restrictive in the showcasing of this dev. Here a few more of early version WebGL 2 screenshots. You’ll find the materials and shading looks much better than WebGL1


The demo of Project Snowball (v0.8.3.4) has been reinstated this morning, with a new hosting. I managed to keep the same link:

I’d like to apologize again for the interruption in the service (though please note that I didn’t set the data center on fire and burn down the entire building because I was unhappy with the service or something… it wasn’t me, OK;)
I hope the new host will do a better job (in terms of security against fire) and with this new hosting, I’m also happy to announce the imminent release of my next demo, ‘Project Chair’ quickly exposed above.
Have a great day and an awesome WE,


I tried scrolling into the cabin to see the chairs before I read the rest of the post :joy:

I like seeing the Babylon.js logo featured front and center, we need more cool demos that do this.

Oh thanks so much for your nice comment. This new demo in its early-alpha (unfinished piece of biz;) is about to be released (today or tomorrow). It will show-up in the ‘demo category’ of the forum under the sexy name of ‘Project Chair - Sketching a 3D Commerce XP in 60h’… Please, stay tuned:)