Publishing on steam / Google Play

Hello sorry for possible duplicity but I havent found exactly here what I am going to ask so far.

Is anyone aroind here who really and successfuly found reliable way, how to publish Babylon.js game onto Steam / Google Play. I have seen tons of “how-tos” and in the past I have also tried several tools, but it always ended up with application that simply did not work (either performancce was horrible, or resolution was messed, or controlls didnt work or all of the above mixed).

Novadays I decided to try to create some game as I did 8 years ago, deciding what tool to use and creating roadmap and trying to identify blokers and as much as I love Babylon.js, I always end with “and how would I publish it ?” I then delve into current tools, reading how-tos and then close it as I know that “hello world” example will work, but whar about “real game” ? I dont want to spend like 2 years of development only to find that at the end of the day, there will be no RELIABLE way to publish my game.

Is there someone who have this success under his belt with REAL project, that utilized all of the mobile controlls, multitouch, gyroscope and all of these things and it just works as a native app publishable on stores ?

Thanx very much in advance

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Steam is easy, just use nwjs or electron. If you need steam integration then use greenworks on github.

Google play is a bad experience though as you say. I published one game as a cordova project with a bunch of extensions for fullscreen, rotation locking and admob. But lately the docker container pipeline i built for it no longer works. Cant say I would want to go through that again.