What is the best way to publish a game?

Hi everyone, the subject is game development for publishing, I’m a solo developer, which I’m starting to develop in the professional world, now
I develop games that receive a lot of praise from friends and acquaintances, but the topic of debate is what is the best way to get started in this professional world?
I already have a game to publish (made in BabylonJs), and I want to know the right way to do things. All tips and suggestions are very welcome.


@Antfl, this is an amazing topic :slight_smile:

I bet the community will be full of tricks and tips on this one.


I am currently developing a delivery mechanism for web apps. It is important that the process feels intuitive and doesn’t confuse prospective users. Here is a sample web app.

If your interested I’d like to build a demo with one of your games.

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I have published a game on itch.io and gamejolt.com for testing purposes and these sites works fine for some traffic to test my game’s development.

I would recommenced that you spend time on working on a awesome game page, screenshots, and videos as it is super-important to get attention. Test your game carefully before publishing, make your game perfect as you can before publishing. I found this important, do not make the same mistakes as me :slight_smile:

Things that I ran into when I first after published it was things like this:

Rendering optimization and FPS control (important for low-end computers)
Automatically address lag issues (I disable features if low fps)
CDN delivery for faster loading (can reduce loading times)
Gameplay tutorials.
Remove any registrations to test your game. (let players post register)

I hope you find some of this useful :slight_smile:

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thanks for the tip @Terry_Riegel , the game is for mobile devices, so it won’t work on your delivery mechanism.

Thanks @webgrid , when it comes to mobile games, what’s the best way to get started?

Same as above, however you want to publish your game on app stores. There are also some sites like crazygames.com

My plan is to have the games on web sites to get some traffic and when the game is fully development and good reviews I would publish on the major app stores.

Example: I have my game on steam, and make it available to “steam wishlist” when I have created most of the game content.

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@webgrid The idea is brilliant, I hadn’t thought about it yet, so I’m going to put the game on the web, make the link available on social networks, analyze the reviews and, if everything works out, launch it in virtual stores.

Yes mobile devices are the primary target of delivery. That’s what is designed to work for.

Here is another example (for mobile) it is the Marble Tower demo.