Quest Pro poor performance

I just got my Quest Pro and I have a WebXR app in Babylon and it runs worse on the Pro than on my Q2

As I turn my head its rock solid (better than Q2), then suddenly pauses (“sticks”) for a moment then carries on. $1500 for a worse experience, I may return it. If someone from the dev team wants to try it on a Pro, I can send a link.

Native apps seem fine, just browser. Any clues?


cc @RaananW ?

that’s very disappointing to hear. Can I ask - is it any WebXR experience, or a babylon issue?

I haven’t had the pleasure to try the quest pro, but i was looking forward to try it out TBH.

Oh how embarrassing - I’d left some debug code in my app that I’d forgotten about that modifies the scene on a timer. Removed that and its buttery smooth on the Pro. Interesting that the debug code definitely runs slower though.

Sorry for the fire drill.



Whilst I’m here, quick first impressions of the Pro. Biggest difference is text is MUCH clearer than the Q2. The device is also noticeably faster, but not wildly faster. Build quality is much more premium and better balanced, similar to HoloLens. Its more comfortable to wear. The charging dock is nice, but fiddly to get the devices to engage. Passthru is better than the Q2, but doesn’t live up to the hype IMHO - its quite fuzzy.

Overall it feels like an incremental improvement over the Q2 rather than the step change that the hype and $1500 price tag would suggest. If it was $399 or even $599 it would be a no brainer.


Hey @ptallett,
Great to hear that it wasn’t BabylonJS issue :slight_smile:
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I’m seeing reduced performance on the Quest Pro for an AudioWorklet based synth I use for my own projects, without any debug code added. I hit the CPU limit much earlier on the Quest Pro than on the Quest 2, most likely because the Pro is doing a lot more on the OS level.

I’ve also noticed a lot more buzzing and rattling occurring all over the headset during audio playback with any amount of bass/low-frequency sound in it.

The text is clearer but it’s still not great when using it as a virtual computer desktop. There’s a fair amount of mouse pointer lag, too, which makes it difficult to use for me.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed in how incremental the improvements are at the $1500 price point, and I’ll probably be sending it back since my main use case is audio and the Quest 2 does audio better right now.


I got a good performance boost from my Quest Pro by turning off hand tracking, eye tracking and facial expressions. This helped a lot in WebXR immersive mode. In non-immersive mode the performance was better but still not great until I changed the default home environment to “Bubbles”. That helped a lot. Apparently the default home environment takes a lot more CPU than some of the other ones.

I’m still leaning toward sending it back because of all the buzzing and rattling I’m hearing. Super annoying.

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