WebXR in the Apple Vision Pro


I’ve seen some people here have success getting Babylon WebXR to work with the Apple Vision Pro. I’m just wondering if you need specific settings to do this, since I’ve not been able to get a playground to run yet
I’ve tried these two example projects: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#F41V6N#32 and Babylon.js Playground but both don’t give me the WebXR button I’ve seen others get:

If anyone knows what needs to be done or added to make this work let me know :smiley:


Woops, nevermind, turns out you have to enable that :smiley: :



I assume that you are using immersive-vr not immersive-ar right? At least I didn’t manage to do that.

Yeah, Vision pro will only work with immersive-vr, despite Apple’s claims that it’s definitely for sure AR :woman_shrugging:

That’s ridiculous I’m frustrated so I cannot imagine @RaananW feelings about that after as much work.

I wouldn’t waste energy on that :smiley: they do seem to be working on actual AR but that’s not ready yet. I just view the Vision Pro as a step in that direction. Just in your mind view the Vision Pro as very fancy VR instead of AR

yeah, don’t get me started on this one :slight_smile:

i would expect the vision pro to deliver first-class AR support. It has everything you need for that to work wonderfully. But it’s sadly not my decision…