Does anyone know of a similar react-babylonjs intro video?

I’d love to see a react-babylonjs equivalent of this: I particularly love:

  • how the video is targetted at those either coming from React and finding Three.js confusing or visa versa.
  • how they implement in both Three.js and in R3F side by side
  • the use of hot reloading to show the new scenes from the code
  • the deep dive into the code bases

I think a video like this for BabylonJS & react-bablyonjs would be fab.


react babylon is a project by @brianzinn . We will be very happy if the community will make more tutorials and videos to show how to use this wonderful framework!

Seems like @brianzinn hasn’t updated it in a while. Would be great to know if we can somehow help!


There was an update last week that fixed a reported issue. I will concede that it hasn’t been very active lately though.

It would be great to have more videos and at one point I was even asked to write a book. I thought about making a series of videos, but instead put my latest efforts into the new react-babylonjs gatsby website that explains the many nuances of Babylon.js and react-babylonjs with linked live code examples on code sandbox. It does through many of the same concepts of the video actually. It’s all written in Markdown and is super easy for community contributions, which is why I switched over from storybook. :smile:

To distill it to a 1/2 hour video is also a really great idea. The side-by-side comparison is also what I find most useful - the new guide section goes through what the declarative code is doing compared to imperative. I’d be happy to work with somebody to help make a video.

To answer your question though, I don’t know of any similar videos with react-babylonjs.


Thank you so much both!

If (hopefully when :crossed_fingers:) I get back to writing a 3d browser app I will put making this video high up my todo list. It would be great to collaborate with you or get your feedback on it @brianzinn . Thank you. And thank you and all those writing these amazing open source libraries.