Ray Intersect Issue (is this intentional?)

Hey so I’ve been playing around with rays and meshes and now I’m stuck with this issue. Basically, I’m creating intersecting line meshes and draw sphere at the intersection point. I build rays per line mesh so I could use the pickingInfo when it intersects a mesh. Problem now is if I remove the current lines and points using removeall() from container, the rays are still left behind and creating new lines with generate points out of thin air since it’s hitting the previous rays. I’ve tried setting the length of rays to 0 and even using rayhelper to visualize. Rays disappear when it sets to 0 but newly created line meshes are still intersecting the old rays. Maybe my code is wack idk lol here’s my playground.

just click to generate new lines/rays and intersect points, the next click removes the lines and points and sets rays length to 0, you can comment line 67,68 to see the rays

nvm guys I just solved it
wish there was a way to put all rays in container and remove them from scene

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