React-Native Dynamic Texture Update(*** InvertY parameter is not working as expected


When I call Dynamic Texture().update() or Dynamic Texture.update(true/false) it is return as inverted on Y axis on React-Native.

This is need to work as bellow Playground Example:


cc @BabylonNative but be patient, people are currently in vacation.

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Thanks for bringing more information on the Dynamic Texture behaviour @Suman !

I will take a look at this bug.


@Suman, I was able to confirm that this is actually a bug. The invertY argument is currently completely ignored by Babylon Native.

I’ve created a PR and a Github issue to track this.
PR: Allow Dynamic Texture update method to consider the invertY argument. by SergioRZMasson · Pull Request #1187 · BabylonJS/BabylonNative (

Issue: Dynamic Texture update does not consider invertY argument values · Issue #1186 · BabylonJS/BabylonNative (

This might take a while to get approved due to the holydays, but I will keep this thread updated with the progress.

Thanks for helping us improve the stability of Dynamic Texture!