React-Native: Unexpected behaviour of Instance Mesh on its Parent movement


I have found that the Instance Mesh behaviour is unexpected as like babylonjs in react-native, particularly when I move its parent towards Left, Right and Down Direction.
You can see this in bellow screen recording.

Also, I produce a playground example as bellow:


cc @BabylonNative

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It looks like it works as expected. You can see it really well if you do not attach the ground to the root mesh as well

Not only ground mesh also I can attach multiple mesh/obj to the root-mesh, So, as per the solution I need to reposition all of those on user interaction, this is not a good solution in my case.
If I compared with the BabylonJS, there have no such types of limitation. But Thank you very much for addressing this issue.

cc @Cedric

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It’s a bug!